our team

Jolana Hollister

Owner, Photographer, and  your hype Person!

I was born in the Czech Republic and draw so much of my inspiration from the gorgeous Bohemian Paradise I grew up in. I went to St. John Fisher College for psychology and worked in the Psychiatric Emergency Room for 5 years. It was an amazing job that taught me a lot about our brains and our society. It was here I was able to see first-hand the amount of us out there that truly didn’t see what amazing human beings  we really are; which is something I hope my sessions help my clients realize <3 

I’m a huge goof. I love anything food and travel related, am a little too sarcastic for my own good, and am a huge optimist. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie: Give me heights, rock climbing, new experiences, crazy local foods, and a camera to capture it all with. Outside of photography, I am a writer, and am actually a published author for a book of poems I created with a close friend of mine titled….you ready for this? “Tales from the Toilet: A collection of Poems.” Yes, you read that right. I am also currently working on a novel! 

I love making every session fun and an experience that you can look back at with laughter and awesome memories.

My Life Goal:
To eat, hike, and photograph my way around the world!

My Other Involvements:
Breast Cancer Confidence Project – Co-Founder & Vice President
Charlotte Business Alliance – Vice President

Kelly Towers

Amazing Assistant, makes things happen!

 After a 25 year career in the hospitality and hotel fields, I decided to take off on my own sub-contracting adventures involving wedding coordinating, in-home private catering, professional organizing, along with assisting in multiple start-up businesses.  Born & raised in Rochester, I moved around the country during my college years and landed back in Upstate NY where I now reside in the Finger Lakes with my husband of almost 20 years.  We enjoy traveling, hiking, finding awesome new food spots & spending time with our extended families.   I’ve been a photography enthusiast since my teenage years and enjoy shooting abandoned buildings and old barns.  I could not be more excited to be Jolana’s Assistant and be able to bring my talents to the table.  I look forward to working with you to make whatever vision you might have, come true!  

My Other Involvements:
Membership Director – Women for WineSense, Finger Lakes Chapter
Hospitality Consultant – Sorella Restaurant Group


Kalika Dachtler

2nd shooter, drone guy, and resident Mcgyver

I am all about the adventure, travel, and flying (drone and planes)! I was born and raised in India, lived in Mexico for a couple of years, and am now pursuing my pilot career in Rochester. As both a FAA licensed drone pilot, and a licensed private pilot, I get to combine my passions and hobbies into one. 

In my friends groups I am known as both the fire master and the hookah master, and as the guy who is always down go hiking or explore a new place. 

My Other Involvements:
Your Drone Guy, LLC – Owner and Drone Pilot
Fairytale Princesses – Owner and Character