our team

Jolana Hollister

Owner, Photographer, and  your hype Person!

I was born in the Czech Republic and draw so much of my inspiration from the gorgeous Bohemian Paradise I grew up in. I went to St. John Fisher College for psychology and worked in the Psychiatric Emergency Room for 5 years. It was an amazing job that taught me a lot about our brains and our society. It was here I was able to see first-hand the amount of us out there that truly didn’t see what amazing human beings  we really are; which is something I hope my sessions help my clients realize <3 

I’m a huge goof. I love anything food and travel related, am a little too sarcastic for my own good, and am a huge optimist. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie: Give me heights, rock climbing, new experiences, crazy local foods, and a camera to capture it all with. Outside of photography, I am a writer, and am actually a published author for a book of poems I created with a close friend of mine titled….you ready for this? “Tales from the Toilet: A collection of Poems.” Yes, you read that right. I am also currently working on a novel! 

I love making every session fun and an experience that you can look back at with laughter and awesome memories.

My Life Goal:
To eat, hike, and photograph my way around the world!

My Other Involvements:
Breast Cancer Confidence Project – Co-Founder & Vice President
Charlotte Business Alliance – Vice President

Kelly Towers

Amazing Assistant, makes things happen!

 After a 25 year career in the hospitality and hotel fields, I decided to take off on my own sub-contracting adventures involving wedding coordinating, in-home private catering, professional organizing, along with assisting in multiple start-up businesses.  Born & raised in Rochester, I moved around the country during my college years and landed back in Upstate NY where I now reside in the Finger Lakes with my husband of almost 20 years.  We enjoy traveling, hiking, finding awesome new food spots & spending time with our extended families.   I’ve been a photography enthusiast since my teenage years and enjoy shooting abandoned buildings and old barns.  I could not be more excited to be Jolana’s Assistant and be able to bring my talents to the table.  I look forward to working with you to make whatever vision you might have, come true!  

My Other Involvements:
Membership Director – Women for WineSense, Finger Lakes Chapter
Hospitality Consultant – Sorella Restaurant Group


Kalika Dachtler

2nd shooter, drone guy, officiant, & resident Mcgyver

I am all about the adventure, travel, and flying (drone and planes)! I was born and raised in India, lived in Mexico for a couple of years, and am now pursuing my pilot career in Rochester. As both a FAA licensed drone pilot, and a licensed private pilot, I get to combine my passions and hobbies into one! 

Adventure Elopements and engagement experiences are my favorites to be a part of. Helping couples have a kick-ass time while capturing epic photos is what fuels me. You can find me doing whatever it takes to make your tine with us an epic adventure, and sometimes even cheesing ear to ear while marrying our couples!

In my friends groups I am known as both the fire master and the hookah master, and as the guy who is always down go hiking or explore a new place. 

My Other Involvements:
Your Drone Guy, LLC – Owner and Drone Pilot
Fairytale Princesses – Owner and Character