Corporate & Events

Why hire me?: In today’s world we only have a couple of seconds to grab a potential customer’s interest. Whether it’s on your website,  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site, if something doesn’t catch our eyes, we move on. 

And there is no denying the power of social media and keeping your customers engaged with constant new material. Photos are key in this. As a photographer, I help you create those images that hype your customers up and get them EXCITED about your products/ services.  

Clients look for quality, and often times equate the quality of your image to the quality of your product/ service… regardless of the fact that those two have no correlation. I create images that allow our customers to see not only what they are buying, but also the awesome people and company they are supporting by purchasing from you. Because, let’s face it, what sells your product/ service is YOU. Sure, the quality is important, but if a customer can’t connect with you, they are less likely to buy. 

What should you hire me for: Photos for your business go beyond just product shots. Customers want to see your product/ service in action. They also want to see what you are involved in.

Host any events? Having professional photos from your event not only keeps your customers informed, it also helps you advertise for future years.

Here are just a few examples of photography I have done for local and national businesses: 

  • Product Photography
  • Lifestyle Photography (your product/ service in action)
  • Head-shots
  • Photography of your facility/ space
  • Real-estate Photography
  • Fundraisers
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Website/ Stock Photography
  • Corporate Gatherings & Holiday Parties
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • Conferences/ Seminars

Packages & Subscriptions

I offer a few different packages and monthly subscriptions, depending on your needs! Sometimes you need headshots for you and all of your employees, or just one-time photos for your website. Other times your business needs a steady flow of images on a regular basis to cover rotating inventory or to keep up with your customers on social media.

What is a Subscription?

We all know what packages are…but what are subscriptions in photography? Having a photographer come in every month may be necessary but can get pricey. For this reason I have created a few different subscriptions you can choose from. These are monthly subscriptions that offer you a certain amount of photoshoots and images per month at a discounted rate. You can sign up for a 4 month subscription, or a one year subscription. To find out more, please reach out to me and I will send over my Commercial Pricing Guide.


For a comprehensive breakdown of pricing for commercial photography, and what comes with each package, please contact me for my Commercial Pricing Guide!

Headshots: $250.00/headshot

Product & Service Photography:  Starting at $100/ image & $250 session fee

Event Photography: $500/hr

Subscriptions: Starting at $400/ month 

Companies I have Worked With:

Jolana took professional pictures for my business website, and they came out perfectly! It was exactly what I was looking for!


Jolana is great to work with, she brings a great energy to her photoshoots. She comes up with great ideas on the fly and explores those avenues to come up with some magical shots. We had planned out a number of the photos I wanted but some of the best ones were the unplanned, improvised ones. I knew she was talented but I was still blown away by the results!


Jolana is a great photographer! She has done my headshots and they turned out amazing! Her easy-going personality made it easy for me to be myself and feel natural in front of the camera lens-which isn’t easy for me!